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Ju-bako Stacking Box Lid - Blue Square

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Each object in Time & Style's range of contemporary tableware, is made in Japan by some of the best craftsman today. It is believed that these artisans inherit the uniqueness and tools of each of the separate regions they are from, transmitting those subtleties through their handwork. This lid for Time & Style's Ju-bako stacking box, is expertly made from Amakusa porcelain with an inban-printed blue square pattern. Based on traditional Japanese osechi boxes, the stackable Ju-bako boxes allow you to reveal their contents one at a time, making for an elegant, suspense-building way to serve sushi, appetisers and snacks to your guests.
These inban-printed porcelain boxes from Time & Style come in range of different colours and patterns. Feel free to mix and match them up, adding a playful touch to the meal. Not restricted to food use; they're also great for containing stationery and small accessories such as jewellery.
MATERIALS Amakusa porcelain
ORIGIN Hasami town, Nagasaki, Japan
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