zen minded concept

The zen minded concept sprung to life from the pages of epic Japanese novel ‘Musashi’. Telling the real-life story of ronin and revered historical figure Miyamoto Musashi, the book teaches the art of perfecting oneself – through discipline in martial arts but also painting, sculpture and calligraphy.

These ideas piqued the interest of zen minded founder, James Johnson. Living in the UK at the time, James was a disciple of Zen Buddhism. Yet he became increasingly interested in zen as a broader lifestyle approach rather than Zen as a religion. James set off to Japan to explore the desire for perfection in artefacts as well as the soul. It was during his time in Hiroshima, Tokyo and Yokohama that he came across beautiful examples of contemporary crafts that reflected this new-found passion.

The zen way of living is often associated with Japan yet it extends across the world. James wanted to bring this passion for perfection in craft, minimalism and beauty to more people. And so zen minded was born.

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